Monday’s Not Coming by Tiffany Jackson

I have to admit: I am a sucker for the thriller genre and YA (duh!) and when I saw that this novel fit into both categories, I had to give it a read. Spoiler: I was not disappointed! This book read like an adult thriller novel, but with YA themes and characters.

Monday is missing and no one seems to notice except her best friend Claudia. When Monday doesn’t show up for the first day of school, let alone the first two weeks of school, Claudia knows something is wrong with her best friend; Monday wouldn’t leave Claudia to fend for herself. Even when she reaches out to Monday’s family and also her own, she is met with more irritation than sympathy that her best friend is missing. Claudia realizes that in order to find her friend, she must search on her own, even if what she finds out is not what she expects.

Published by sarah_rose

Special education teacher. Avid reader. Wife. Advocate. Cat mom.

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