The Girls Are All So Nice Here by Laurie Elizabeth Flynn

Besides reading, teaching, and spoiling my cat, another thing in life I enjoy is true crime. Some may say I am slightly obsessed (it makes Michael a little nervous!), but Oxygen is one of my favorite channels and I am subscribed to a few true crime podcasts. After typing all this, yeah, I guess I am obsessed! Anyway, I digress. The Girls Are All So Nice Here is the perfect fix for the true crime enthusiast. It keeps you guessing until the very end! Unfortunately, the girls are not nice here.

Ambrosia and Flora become roommates and eventually best friends at Wesley University, but then Sloane comes into Amb’s life. Before Sloane, Amb is a fun-loving typical college student loving her first taste of independence as a young adult. Flora is Amb’s reserved roommate who is eager to please the people in her life and because they have similar personalities, they become fast friends. On the other hand, Sloane takes Amb under her wing and that is when the story begins to change…and so does Amb. Set in the present day when Amb gets an email from her alma mater for a class reunion, Amb recounts a time at Wesley University she would rather forget and the fractured friendships that she would like to put in her past.

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