A Blizzard of Polar Bears by Alice Henderson

This books takes place in the Canadian Arctic. With the weather being cold, this is a perfect read! Alex Carter, a wildlife biologist, is all done with her study of wolverines and is hired to do a job to study polar bears. Dr. Carter spends her days with a small research team where she follows the polar bear tracks by air on the vast tundra and when she spots them, she leans out of the helicopter with a tranquilizer gun, shoots them, and then gets down on the ground to study them closer. Her studies find that the polar bears are unfortunately malnourished because they do not have adequate access to seals to eat. The ice is disappearing at an alarming rate due to global warming as well as some illegal activities she and her team discover throughout the book.

As her research progresses, things start to go wrong with her study. One point, her polar bear samples disappear from the lab she is working in and then her helicopter pilot quits suddenly. She decides that someone is trying to keep her from doing her study. Still, Dr. Carter persists and is dedicated to helping these animals. A Blizzard of Polar Bears is a novel of suspense and will make you question if the people closest to you can really be trusted. I found this book very exciting and it was certainly hard to put down! Henderson’s debut novel A Solitude of Wolverines is a book I will want to check out since I enjoyed Blizzard so much!

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