Educated by Tara Westover

I had heard about this book from another avid reader I work with. “Sarah, you will NOT believe what goes on in this book! You HAVE to read it!” Holy crap! Ok! I’ll read the book! When I finally do read the inside flap of the book, (a must before reading any book!) I am most definitely intrigued by how someone could go their entire life without knowing about the Holocaust, for example. As I read more and more, I am blown away by this book and how an individual’s life can be completely changed by education.

Tara and her family live in the depths of the Idaho wilderness. They are so isolated in fact that no one has any clue that the family exists and therefore, none of her siblings have gone to a school. Instead of going to school, she creates herbs with her mother who is a midwife and healer and salvages metal with her father. Her father does not believe in modern medicine, so whenever there is an injury such as a scrape or something as severe as a concussion, everything is treated with herbal remedies at home.

Tara’s life is turned upside down when one of her brothers venture out past their home and attends college. When he comes home to talk about different things he has learned and seen, Tara immediately wants to experience life outside of her routine, isolated life. Tara proves to be a very good student where she attends universities such as Harvard and Cambridge University. As you read through these parts of the book, you almost forget the life Tara left behind and the fact that the first time she set foot in a school was when she was 17 years old. Educated also provides an insight into how painful life can be when ties have to be severed with people you have grown to love. Westover also reminds the reader what amazing power education has and how it can completely transform someone’s life.

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