The Overnight Guest by Heather Gudenkauf

When I was about halfway through this book, I was not feeling it. I actually almost put it down and moved on to the roughly dozen other books on my bookshelf that I have not read yet. I am so glad I stuck with it! As you probably already know, (and sorry if I am being annoying!) I am all about a good true crime story or TV show. This novel has all the elements of a good true crime story and then some!

Wylie Lark decides that she wants to get away for a little while and write her next true crime bestseller away from the hustle and bustle of her life. She travels to a cabin in the woods and hunkers down for a long night in because of the impending storm. Before she locks herself in for the night, she sees an unusual shape in the snowbank near the road. Upon further inspection, she realizes it is a small child in the snow and they are barely breathing. At this point, the storm has come and snow is coming down fast and furious, significantly impacting Wylie’s ability to see in the storm. Wylie brings the child back to her house and, assuming that the child was not alone, decides to venture out again to find a mother and/or father. Eventually she does find the mother, but events in the story unfold rapidly and they are all soon fighting for their lives.

One thing that I initially was not a huge fan of was the flip flopping back and forth between the past and present; sometimes I get confused. In this case, I did and I was not sure where the italicized chapters were heading. Now looking back, I am sure that Gudenkauf did this on purpose to add to the mystery and confusion of the novel. Once all of the parts of the novel came together for me, it was impossible to put down! You are certainly guessing and making predictions until the very end; when you think you have everything figured out, you are surprised with another twist! I do want to warn that some parts of this novel get pretty gory and some events that happen can be sensitive to some readers, so keep that in mind when reading this page-turner!

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