Instructions for Dancing by Nicola Yoon

When I came across this book, I had to read it! Not because I am a sucker for a cliché love stories, but I read The Sun is Also a Star by Nicola Yoon and I loved that book! Instructions for Dancing also did not disappoint. It has all of the elements of your favorite rom com and also complex life stories about both protagonists.

Yvette (or Evie) is a beautiful 18-year-old enjoying her last year of high school before her and her friends go off to college all across the country. She is the typical teenager who has her close-knit group of friends whom she hangs out with most, but she wants to experience more. When she realizes she has the psychic ability to see a couples’ future when she sees them kiss, she gets a unique insight into her friends’ relationships as well as her family members. She decides to join a ballroom dancing studio to establish a new hobby to busy herself with. She quickly stands out as a talented dancer and the instructor decides that Evie is the perfect female dancer for a male and female pair to enter into a dance competition with a rival dance studio. That’s when Xavier (or X) comes into the picture. X and Evie are awkward at first, but as they learn the dance moves, they also learn how to trust and love another person…again.

Even though it does seem like the typical love story, there are a few twists throughout the novel that keeps you on your toes. As I mentioned, there are also two intricate plot lines that follow the lives of X and Evie that are very well presented. All in all, Instructions for Dancing is a great read for someone who loves a love story and a little more!

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